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Christians eats pork everywhere in this world. If you ask them, “Does Christianity allow to eat pork?” Straight away they will tell you, “Yes it is written in the Holy Bible that as a Christian we are allowed to eat all foods in Jesus name.” Now look carefully here the two different words “food” and “meat.” Jesus didn’t mention to eat all meat but said all food. It doesn’t mean that all food is meat or all meat is food. We will discuss this subject in this topic.

 Apostle Paul told Timothy that in our day "some will fall away from the truth, giving heed to deceiving spirits and the teachings of demons" (I Timothy 4:1). That's a strong warning - and surely one we ought to investigate! What is he referring to? "They insist on abstinence from foods which God has created to be partaken of with thankfulness by those who believe and know the truth". Clearly some of the brethren were listening to a false teaching of avoiding certain foods which are acceptable in God's eyes for man to eat. But which? He explains: "for it is made holy by the Word of God [the 'truth'] and by prayer" (v.5).

Now, what foods are "made holy" - that is, separated for a particular use - by the Scriptures, the Word of God? There's basically only one place to look - and that is Leviticus 11, repeated in Deuteronomy 14! In other words, the "clean" foods. Paul specifically points out that certain substances, defined by God's Word, are set apart for use as food. Some are not. So around 60 A.D., almost 30 years after Christ's resurrection, the apostle Paul still hadn't got the message that Jesus had "made all meats clean"!

.Jesus Himself says,” I am not come to destroy the Law but to fulfil”. Again some Christians argue about the vision of St. Peter on Acts chapter 10.That vision was for the Good News (The Gospel) to tell the non-Jews because before that vision St. Peter was wrong because God himself commanding him to go to Cornelius house to preach thought that the Gospel is only for the Jews. When he got that vision then he realized that the Gospel is for non Jews as well and he went to Cornelius house by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and preached the Gospel to them and they believed in Christ.

On the Gospel of Mark chapter 5 tells us about the evil possessed man and how Jesus cast demon out of the man and allow those demons to go into the pigs where all the pigs (about two thousand) rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned. If pigs are food then why did Jesus destroy these herds? Because Jews used to sell these pigs to the Gentile for their living and Jesus stopped it.

But didn't Jesus "make all foods clean"? This is "quoted" from Mark 7:19 and is often taken to mean that Jesus overturned the Bible dietary laws.

Recall that Jesus constantly upheld the Law of God! But he did, of course, have something to say about "uncleanness". He blasted Pharisees for their obsessive pre-occupation with ritually washing the objects they used daily. However, to use this text in Mark 7 to prove that at that precise moment Jesus took it on himself to a) change the nature of animals, or b) change the human digestive system, and to c) forever after do away with God's perfect Laws is a travesty of Scripture!

Let's read the passage: "And he said to them. Are you also still ignorant? Do you not perceive that what enters into the man from without cannot pollute him? Because it does not reach the intellect [KJV 'heart'] but passes into the bowels: which eliminate all foods [KJV: 'purging all meats']". Late glosses on the text interpreted these words as "This said Jesus, making all meats clean". But even this statement is only saying "making all food clean" - i.e., a bit of mud does not make clean meat unclean. The conversation with the Pharisees involved only their concern with the cleanliness of otherwise clean meats.

The logical meaning of Jesus’ statement is in connection with the digestion of food in the human body. Notice the view of W. Walsham How in his Commentary: "'Purging all meats' - That is, cleansing the foods eaten from all that is not suitable for nourishment". It is a physiological statement as true today as two thousand years ago! The human digestive system eliminates all unwanted roughage, etc.

Jesus, in this passage, goes on to show that the true uncleanness or pollution is "from within, from man's intellect": from vile thoughts, adultery, fornication, murder, theft, avarice, wickedness, deceit, etc. (vv. 21-23). In other words, man is 'unclean' by breaking the Laws of God.

We have seen, then, that right from man's earliest days there is a God-inspired distinction between meats that are edible as food and those that aren't. Indeed in a prophecy for our time at the end of this age (v. 15) Isaiah relays God's message: "On the whole world the Eternal will pass sentence with his fire and sword. Any who ... eat the flesh of swine, of mice and crawling vermin, their rites and devices shall perish by the Eternal's order" (Isaiah 66:15-18).

After this long discussion it is clear to us that PORK is forbidden to believers of Christ. God loved us so much that He gave us His only begotten Son Jesus Christ so we may go to heaven. The punishment we deserved for our disobedience, Jesus paid in full in the cross in our place. On the third day He rose from dead and freed us from the bondage of Satan. What a love God have for us. Therefore we should listen to Him and obey Him in our daily life.



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